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Step by step instructions to check your health at home in minutes

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Customary health checkup are critical in the present life however in the present occupied life we don’t have sufficient energy to achieve specialist normally. Need not to stress now as we have accompanied a few different ways to check your health on regular routine at home absent much endeavors.


In the event that this piece of your eye looks pale pink. Its an indication of weakness. Your tissues don’t get enough oxygen and can’t work at 100%. It might demonstrate Anemia.

On the off chance that this piece of your eye appears to be red in shading, shows you are healthy.

Index finger

Curve your pointers and put your nails against each other. In the event that there is no space between your nails that implies you are having cardiovascular malady and lung issues. Finger ends up thicker when the blood doesn’t have enough oxygen.

A minor jewel between shows good health.


Lift your leg up so the hip is parallel to the floor. On the off chance that you can stand like this for 20 seconds or more. you are sufficient physically else unfit to keep up parity on leg shows the shortcoming.



Lift your hands up with the goal that your lower arms are parallel to your face. Attempt to achieve the base of the palm with the tips of your fingers. On the off chance that you can resemble that 1 – 2 minutes shows good health else on the off chance that you have shivering, deadness or agony in your wrists or fingers shows you body is feeble.



Take a little lock of your dry and clean hair and draw gently. In the event that you have 2-3 hairs in your grasp, at that point don’t need to stress over your hairs else it will be issue on the off chance that you have multiple hairs in your grasp. For the most part, hair turns out to be slight because of a Hormonal Imbalance, Nutrient Deficiency or Stress.



Lie on the floor and put your feet up at a 45 degree plot for a few minutes. In the event that your feet become practically white in shading , shows ill will flow because of stopped up corridors. It causes deadness and torment or if the shade of your feet is the equivalent or somewhat paler shows typical blood flow, which is good.


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