9 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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How  do you feel  when you’re 9 weeks pregnant? Here are some answers to  all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 9.

Your Baby in Week 9

Awww! little soldier is growing with tiny toes!

Let’s explore how your strong little soldier is growing this week. Your little baby has finally surpassed the embryonic stage and has now progressed to a fetus (also spelled as foetus). If last week saw those hands sprout webbed-looking fingers, this week gives way to proper individual fingers. Week 9 also brings in extremely small toes too. Slowly and steadily your baby is taking fundamental strides and has now developed elbows which helps him move his arms about.

Your baby’s heart beat is around 160 per minute but here is the fabulous news, it is now divided in four chambers. The valves which help the blood go in and out are starting to form. The umbilical cord also has a full-time job now. The umbilical cord is made up of one vein and two arteries. These are connected to the baby’s abdomen. The job of the vein is to carry blood to the baby’s heart while the arteries are at work carrying the blood from the heart to the placenta.

Another big news coming your way – your baby’s genitals have now started to form. His ankles and wrists are taking shape as well. The little one’s fingers and toes are well defined now and if you could take a peep inside, you may see his arms can actually bend at the elbows. The arms have now grown so much so that the little one can now touch the face in all probability. Fascinating!

The size of your baby is now only a little shy of an inch. Hair follicles have now appeared and so has nipples. Your baby’s eyelids are still shut and will continue to be so for a while, nonetheless those little ears are now more pronounced and protruding. However, the weight of the baby doesn’t differ too much in comparison to the previous week.

Week 9 Symptoms

Changes in body – hair and skin

Your skin could be radiant and glowing or several pimples will suddenly show up on your face. Your hair could either be thick and luscious or it could just be sad, dull and limp. Moisturize with safe oils, eat well and stay hydrated.

Nasal congestion

A little taken aback? Well, there is a simple explanation to this as well – pregnancy causes a higher production of mucus in the body leading to nasal congestion. It goes away, don’t worry.

Extreme sexual hatred

It is only natural that you are feeling these rush of emotions, you are constantly tired and bloated and maybe you feel unattractive. Perhaps, to validate these fears is why you may want to engage in intercourse. These insecurities could also be the very reason why you may want to stay away from sex. Having sex during pregnancy is usually safe. Spotting while sex is common, but it is good to consult your doctor about it.

Your Body in Week 9

Fatigued, yet energy full ?

Yes, a lot of changes are taking place inside your womb but you may not necessarily feel it as your baby is still very small. Your uterus is growing steadily. If you are feeling anxious about the baby getting sufficient nutrients, don’t be. Your little one’s nutritional needs are pretty tiny now and are well taken care of by your body.

All you have to remember is to stay on a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water, always. Keep some power packed healthy snacks always with you, specially if you are at work for most of the day.

Extreme weariness

Do you feel that you are getting way too exhausted as the day progresses? It is only natural to feel so. Remember, bringing a new life into the world is not an easy task! Your body and mind are working overtime now. There will be a significant increase in your blood pressure and sugar levels in the initial weeks and along with other symptoms cause the constant fatigue.

Did you know that staying active can help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy? We know that you may be a bit too exhausted to join a fitness class. But try to get out for a 20-30 minute walk everyday and you will start noticing a good difference in yourself, soon.

Feeling sexy, baby!

While the morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and mood swings may still be keeping you busy, there is one significant change that you may be feeling now about your sexual needs and wants. Upon reaching the 9th week of pregnancy, most women feel that they are either sexually more interested in their partners or they cannot stand the sight of their partners. Perhaps you need your partner to give you extra attention and this may prompt you to show extra interest in sex. There is no harm in safe sex, if you have been feeling healthy till now.

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