36 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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How do you feel when you’re 36 weeks pregnant? Here are some answer of all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 36.

Your Baby in Week 36

Slow and steady weight gain continues now?

During the next few weeks, your baby will just be putting on a little more weight but not drastically as much as he did in the past few weeks leading up to this one. In week 36, you baby still weighs in at a little over two kilograms and measures up to about 19 inches and a half. Your baby has probably already settled into an upside down position, getting ready to come out into the real world. As the bones in your baby’s skull have not fused yet, it makes it easier for him to move his head in the birth canal.

If you were to give birth to your baby right now, rest assured that his immune system is developed enough to fight off infections all on his own. Blood circulation has also reached perfection by this point of time. However, his digestive system, which although has almost fully matured will take a few more days to be completely and fully developed.

If there is one thing that has not changed from the previous week and will continue to be the same are your baby’s movements. Your restless little baby will continue to move about like it is nobody’s business. As your baby’s growing body is capable of functioning on its own now, the placenta takes a step back and produces fewer hormones. Your baby has become quite the stud already! Also, your baby is getting extremely close to being able to breathe on his own.

Lanugo, the thin hair that has been covering his body will start to disappear along with vernix caseosa, the waxy like substance covering your baby’s skin and they blend with the amniotic fluid. Along with bile and mucus, your baby will be swallowing the amniotic fluid and its contents. These things will eventually make your baby’s first poop once he’s out.

Symptoms of Week 36

Constipation, then exercise

Use the same remedies for this as well. Smaller, regular meals, lots of water and regular exercise. If it is a but too uncomfortable, speak to your doctor.

Vaginal discharging

Are you spotting blood along with normal white discharge? You don’t have to worry, your cervix is dilating or might opening up.

Bloating & gastric

You are probably passing gas and burping like crazy! Do not worry. This will go away soon. Stick to small regular meals and lots of water. And do not forget regular exercise.

Heartburn or acidity

You may find them unbearable at this stage. instead of taking small regular meals, you should drink lots of water and also go out for a walk after your meals.

Frequent urination

Do you feel every time you go to the washroom, the baby may just pop out? His head is pressing your pelvis and is also making less room than usual in your bladder.

Changes in fetal movement

As your baby’s all grown now, he may be finding the space too cramped to move around. What you may feel is now a lot less kicking and a lot more squirming!

Itchy belly

By now, you probably know that Vitamin E oils help to sooth an itchy stomach? Stock up on Vitamin E, you may need it while breastfeeding your little one.

Your Body in Week 36

Last minute preparations!

We are sure that your hospital bag is packed and ready at the door step. We hope you have packed sanitary napkins and at least six or seven pairs of cotton or disposable undergarments. Recheck if you have packed the essential toiletries, towels and your favourite book or music, if you want to take some time off for yourself. Hospital floors are generally tiled so they will definitely be cool if not very cold, hence you need to carry warm, fuzzy socks as well.

Some more changes

While you may not be experiencing any new symptoms or much changes this week, you may see a bit of blood with your vaginal discharge. The reason for this discharge maybe due to your sensitive and dilated cervix, which may have been slightly bruised during a routine check-up or if you had engaged in sexual intercourse. What you may also notice is that your baby’s movements are slightly different than it used to be.

This is because your baby has now moved down to your pelvis. This is still making you urinate more frequently. If your scans have shown a breech baby, do not worry. There’s still time left for the baby to be in head down position. You could breathing exercises meanwhile.

Get a help

Have you appointed a full time help yet? You may need someone to massage you and the baby, prepare post-delivery meals and run errands. It is better to find someone beforehand and set your expectations right.

Some Warning signs

You may be wondering how to differentiate between the contractions and the real ones, right? Speak to your doctor and learn the differences. Understand what to do when water breaks or when mucus plug falls. You may also want to be aware of the stages of childbirth and pain relief methods such as epidural.

The big announcement

Have you decided how to make the big announcement? Are you going to rely on social media or more personalized messages/cards/phone calls? Whatever it , make the moment memorable for you and your dear ones.

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