Pregnancy week by week

Apr 8th, 2019 14:20

35 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


How do you feel when you’re 35 weeks pregnant? Here are some answer of all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 35.


Your Baby in Week 35

Now completely mature snug inside the womb!

As most of his organs are completely mature and there is not much developing or growing to do in the womb, your baby will just be kicking it about (quite literally) for the next few weeks to come. His only job right now is to chill like a rockstar and put on weight. At week 35 your baby has already become 19 inches and weighs in a little over two kilograms. This is very close to what his actual weight will be, once he is born. He just has a few more grams to gain over the next few weeks. During the 35th week, the level of the amniotic fluid is the highest it has ever been at and will only slowly decrease from the 37th week onwards. Your baby’s kidneys are now in order and they are capable of processing waste products as well. As your baby is getting ready to jump out into the world, his kicks might seem a little too strong and it may hurt you as well. However, this pain is common as your baby has very little room to move now. If you were to give birth now, your baby would still be considered as a “premature baby”. Premature babies are sometimes at risk of having breathing problems and jaundice. But a few extra days at the hospital with intensive care is all the baby needs to grow into a healthy infant. Trust your doctor’s decisions when it comes to all these.  

Symptoms of Week 35


Braxton Hicks contractions and sensation

Braxton-Hicks Contractions are like a tightening sensation happening in your uterus. These contractions are practice sessions in order to get your uterus in form to give birth.  


Are you waddling like a duck now? With all the body weight, balancing must be a tough task. Avoid climbing too many stairs at one go, and wear comfy flat footwear with strong grip.  

frequently headaches

That shooting headache is frequent now? Escape the house and get some natural air. Pain relievers in moderation are okay to have, only if your doctors allow it. Meanwhile, stay relaxed all through.  


As your uterus is on a growth spree, it shifts your center of gravity and in turn makes your abdominal muscles weak. This has an impact on your posture and this strains your back as well. Go easy and take as much rest as you can.  

Pelvic girdle pain

This is an umbrella term for all the pain happening in regions near the pelvic area. You may find it difficult to even turn over in bed at this stage. Sex may become painful at this stage. Keep changing positions when you sit/stand for a long time. Every now and then, take a break from your chores, if you are still doing some work.  

Bumpy rashes

Do you suddenly see an itchy, bumpy rash on your belly? This could be PUPPP, or “pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.” Safe, natural moisturizers should keep you safe when this happens. Try not to itch often though.  

Your Body in Week 35

Counting the days now!

Is this your first pregnancy? Have you not been getting ‘alone’ time with your partner with all these symptoms taking over your life? Well, why don’t you get out for a nice romantic date and make the most of these twosome moments. Always remember, it is a big change for your partner as well. Enjoy these last days of pregnancy, together!  

Managing siblings tantrums

If it is your second kid, you may be wondering how to do justice to both the kids at the same time and how to handle sibling tantrums. Trust us, you are going to love all your kids, just the same! Involve your elder kid in planning, and even packing the hospital bag. Let your elder one make a card for the little baby or select a gift. This is the time to make the elder ones feel quite important.  

Growth spree

Did you know that by week 35 your uterus would have grown up to 1000 times its original size? Can you even believe just how far you have come? As you are one week closer to seeing your little bundle of joy for the first time, we bet you cannot control all the rush of emotions that you are going through at the moment. Tell that beating heart to go easy, you just have a few more weeks to go now.  

Symptoms galore or nasal congestion

As pregnancy hormones contribute to nasal congestion you will be left with a stuffy nose. Heartburn and indigestion, two common symptoms that had shown up in the first trimester will find their way into week 35 as well. Avoid foods that encourage these annoying symptoms and do not forget to drink lots of water. Do not worry about the water retention that is making your feet swell up, drink as much water as you can. Like how the past few weeks have been rolling out, this week will continue to be quite the same. Your breasts will keep increasing in size as it is hard at work into making colostrum and your ribs may start to ache and feel rather sore. This is because of the random kicks and movements that your baby is making inside the womb.  

Travel restrictions

Did you know that after week 35, doctors may not advise air travel for you? Your doctor visits would have increased now and you will mostly have an internal examination in your next appointment. We know you are a pro by now!  

Time for kegel exercises

Do you know about the benefits of kegel exercises in pregnancy? Kegels help in strengthening the muscles that support your pelvic region and help you relax and control the muscles in preparation for the big moment.  

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