Pregnancy week by week

Apr 8th, 2019 14:25

34 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


What to do when you’re 34 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 34.


Your Baby in Week 34

What a little soldier’s lungs!

Along with the central nervous system, your little soldier’s lungs are also continuously maturing. He is also accumulating more fat on his body, which in turn is making him look healthier and sturdier with each passing week. This layer of fat also helps him in regulating the temperature of his tiny little body. His skin is smoother and his reddish appearance has vastly diminished. At week 34 he weighs a little more than two kilograms and stands at about 18 inches and a half. Your baby probably wants to show you just how good he is at growing different parts of his body as fast as he can. At week 34 his nails have grown so long that you can actually clip them right after he is born. Although he is still asleep 75% percent of the time, your little baby will continue to make random movements. The movements are an indicator that your baby is healthy and growing. If you do not feel your baby move as much, try and stay calm. He could just be sleeping. If the lack of movement inside your womb terrifies you, make an appointment with your doctor immediately to keep all negative thoughts at bay. If you are expecting a little boy, you will be glad to note that at week 34 his testicles are now starting to find their way into his scrotum. Your baby can take long deep breaths by now and in reaction to harsh lights coming his way, his pupils will dilate and constrict. Normal pregnancies generally last up to 40 weeks but if you were to give birth this week, your baby already has an extremely high chance at surviving without any complications.  

Symptoms of Week 34

Problems like Constipation

Use the same remedies for this as well. Smaller, regular meals, lots of water and regular exercise. If it is a bit too uncomfortable, speak to your doctor.  

Leg cramps

Your legs maybe cramping because of all the sudden weight that you have gained recently. It can also be said that as your baby is growing in size, the nerves and blood vessels that go to your legs may have added pressure put on them.  


This happens when your body has more liquid in the system than it normally does. Basically, you can place the blame for the swelling on water retention. You may notice that with every hour, the swelling probably becomes worse and you may find evenings difficult to handle. It is supposed to increase in warmer weather. Put your feet up and stretch whenever you can. Take breaks from your chores and go for a short walk. Wear comfortable footwear always. This symptom disappears soon after delivery, so relax!  


Your belly is now putting extra pressure on your lower back and this may cause severe backpain now. Remember to take frequent breaks and stretch, stand or walk. Keep changing positions when you are sitting or standing for too long.  

Bloating & gastic problems

You are probably passing gas and burping like crazy! Do not worry. This will go away soon. Stick to small regular meals and lots of water. And do not forget regular exercise.  


Varicose veins can pop up anywhere in your body. The ones in your rectum are called haemorrhoids. Ensure to keep the area clean and wipe with warm water and toilet paper. You could use gentle wet wipes too.  

Weight gain and Stretch marks

Fairer skinned women tend to have more stretch marks than dark-skinned ones. Rapid weight gain is a cause for stretch marks too. Eat right and exercise. Use coconut oil or any other natural moisturizers meanwhile.  

Your Body in Week 34

Getting there, slowly and steadily!

You may not be feeling all too different this week as the same symptoms may continue for a while. At week 34, it may feel like your belly has come down a bit than the week before. This is because your little baby may have descended to the pelvis. As the baby has shifted base, your diaphragm is not constantly pressed up which in turn will have you breathing with ease. Now, that is definitely a good news, right? This wonderful process of you finally getting to breathe better is called “lightening”. But, your trips to the washroom to pee may increase even more with all that pressure on your bladder.  

Preparing for the days ahead

This may be a good time to read and learn about postnatal confinement practices, postpartum depression, post-delivery diet, breastfeeding, diaper change etc. to make yourself familiar with the new world that is waiting for you. We hope you are working on that baby name list as well! We also hope your partner is aware of all that is happening around. You do not want your partner wondering where that hospital bag is when you are screaming with labour pains, right? Who will be accompanying you in the labour room? Do you know about the hospital’s policy on visitors/gifts/food etc? It is best to be know all these beforehand and be prepared.  

Fitness Corner

Looking for a fitness guide at 34 weeks pregnant? Check out this Workout video.  

Recipe Corner

Check out this awesome recipe for when you’re 34 weeks pregnant!


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