Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 12:31

32 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


What to do when you’re 32 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 32.


Your Baby in Week 32

Sailing process inside!

As your baby is accumulating fat under his skin with each passing week, he now weighs in at almost two kilograms. It is not just his weight that is increasing though. He is already almost as big as 17 inches by week 32. As he is filling out and has grown significantly over the past few months, there is not much space left for him in the womb to freely move about. This is why at week 32, he has his legs drawn up to his chest and is assuming the classic fetal position. Here is some big news at week 32. Your baby’s digestive system has completely matured and can function properly. All that practice of sucking and swallowing over the weeks is really going in come in handy for your little one. However, even though his digestive system is now in order, he still gets all the nourishment he needs from the umbilical cord. By week 32, your little soldier’s skeleton has completely formed although his bones are still rather soft and brittle. His fingernails and toenails continue to grow along with the hair on his tiny head. As he is putting on more weight through fat, his skin is starting to look a lot less translucent. If you were to do a brain scan of your fetus, it would reveal that your baby has rapid eye movement. This suggests that your baby is dreaming. One can only wonder what he must be dreaming about. Your baby continues to be the sleepiest sleepy-head of all time as he is asleep almost 75% percent of the time (seriously though, that is way too much sleeping; don’t you think?). While his lungs continue to develop, his crazy heartbeats have finally started to slow down its pace. As your baby will continue to grow, the amniotic fluid will subsequently decrease.  

Symptoms of Week 32


Braxton Hicks contractions

Is it true that you are feeling those sporadic, easy fixing sensations in your stomach? Known as Braxton Hicks constrictions, they are simply practice sessions for your uterus. Understand the pattern well so that you can differentiate them from the real ones, when they kick in.  

Leaking of  yellowish fluid breasts

Your breasts may now be leaking a yellowish fluid called colostrum, which is the precursor to breast milk. Try wearing nursing pads if it is uncomfortable.  

Itchy tummy & skin stretching

Itchy belly and skin? Don’t you worry. The skin is stretching to its maximum capability now and its causing all this itching. Use some nourishing lotions that are prescribed your doctor or simple, plain coconut oil.

Constipation and obesity

Your growing uterus is pressing against your bowels, leaving a mark on your bowel movements. Do remember to have small meals and drink plenty of water. Don’t sleep soon after eating, go for a walk in stead and then get to bed.  

Feel severe leg cramps

Now that you are at this stage, it is only natural to feel severe leg cramps. Your body is carrying all that weight, day and night. Take rest and relax your legs as much as you can. We hope your calcium levels are okay.  


Your body is suddenly working on overload and it is probably still getting used to all the blood that has been cruising inside. So, it is only natural to feel a little dizzy now and then. Always keep some snacks (granola bars, soya chips etc) that boost your energy levels instantly.  


Varicose veins can pop up anywhere in your body. The ones in your rectum are called haemorrhoids. Ensure to keep the area clean and wipe with warm water and toilet paper. You could use gentle wet wipes too.  

Your Body in Week 32

Anxiety kicks in, again!

You have put on quite a bit of weight by now and must be absolutely glowing. The weight is necessary and if it bothers you too much, remember that it is not going to be too hard shedding the pounds you put on once you give birth. Come on, you are handling your pregnancy pretty darn well, a bit of control to lose weight will not be harder, right?  

Tacking good old symptoms

Since the beginning of your pregnancy to now, your blood volume has increased by 50%. The last few weeks of pregnancy do not show too many new symptoms but you may experience similar symptoms over and over. But by now, you would have learnt to manage the symptoms better, we are sure. For example, at week 32, the Braxton Hicks Contractions will make a comeback. This is only logical as you are so close to your due date. Forgotten what those are? They are the irregular practice contractions you felt ages ago during the second trimester. Understand them well and try not to mistake them for the real ones. You would not want to rush to the hospital every time you feel a contraction, right? You are probably rushing to the washroom time and again to urinate. Yes, frequent urination is quite common at this stage. Keep your chin up, you only have two more months to go! Your breasts might have started leaking a lot more than usual. The closer the due date the more the production of colostrum. What are those breast pads for, right?  

The D-Day getting to your brain?

Are you nervous about the big day that is going to come soon? It will be a good idea to take a hospital tour where you are planning to deliver, along with your partner. We hope you are regular with your antenatal classes. You could also prepare yourself for the D-day by reading about delivery process, understanding pain relief methods if you want to go for them, or just by talking to friends who have gone through all these.  

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