Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 12:37

31 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


What to do when you’re 31 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 31.


Your Baby in Week 31


Changing movements this week!

As your baby continues to accumulate more fat under his skin, he is starting to look quite healthy now. Much like what he will look like once he is born. While your baby could already move his arms and legs about quite freely many weeks ago, at week 31, he can finally move his head to face left and right. He now weighs about a kilogram and half and measures to about 16 inches. Week 31 onwards, your baby will be packing in more sleep, however he will still continue to move around as listlessly. Your baby’s brain is making connections with individual nerve cells hence is working at full gear. His arms and legs are continuing to grow and getting more proportionate to the size of his large head. As your baby finds his way into week 31, his weight will increase more in comparison to his height. His bladder too is developing and water is passing through it as well. The growth of every individual baby varies after the 30th week. So, at week 31, your baby could well be ahead of every other baby in the race to life or he could be that turtle who is slowly growing at his own pace. Remember that pregnancy is not a competition and no matter how fast or how slowly your baby is growing, it is completely normal. Some babies already have a head full of hair by the time they reach the 31st week, while some babies may have close to no hair at all. By week 31, all of your baby’s five senses have completely developed. His fingers and toes now boast of adorable-looking nails and his little lungs can inflate completely and properly as well. Although you are inching closer and closer to the delivery date, amniotic fluid is still very important for the baby as your baby is swallowing and urinating up to half a liter per day.  

Symptoms of Week 31


Occasional headaches

Are you too stressed about the delivery? Try and relax. Get out for some fresh air. Take a nap during the day. If nothing works, speak to your doctor about pain relievers.  

Sleeplessness and heartburn

Multiple factors such as leg cramps, heartburn, frequent urination and anxiety along with a sudden increase in pregnancy hormones result in sleepless nights. Let it pass, that is the best thing to do. Catch up on some sleep during the day, if you can.  


Are you becoming a bit too forgetful? Remember that your brain cell volume really is shrinking and your sleepless nights are not helping either. This too shall pass, soon.  


No longer quite lady-like? Don’t worry. Your body is undergoing a lot of changes and your brain is quite preoccupied too. Do remember to wear safe footwear and be extra careful on wet floors, stairs and crowded areas.  


Your belly is now putting extra pressure on your lower back and this may cause severe backpain now. Remember to take frequent breaks and stretch, stand or walk. Keep changing positions when you’re sitting or standing for too long.  

More frequent urination

Do you feel every time you go to the washroom, the baby may just pop out? His head is pressing your pelvis and is making less room in your bladder. Don’t cut down on fluids because of this.  

Your Body in Week 31

Time to clean, plan and delegate!

No matter what week you are at, your baby will continue to kick and move about. While that is good news for the baby (the movements show that he is healthy), it may be getting slightly painful for you. Due to all the movement happening inside of you, you are barely getting any shut-eye; especially when you need it the most. At week 31, whether you like it or not, insomnia heightens and pesters you. Look at this as mother nature’s way of preparing you for all those night shifts once the little one is born. It is a good idea to get used to it!  

Nesting instinct

Another thing that may suddenly hit you at week 31 is something called a “Nesting Instinct”. A nesting instinct is when you suddenly feel all sorts of “motherly”. You develop an almost OCD type obsession of cleaning, re-organizing everything, stock-piling etc. In fact, if you are having a healthy normal pregnancy, this is the perfect time to clean up those bottom shelves which have been ignored for a long time. With all that squatting and cleaning, you will be done with your exercise for the day as well! You may continue to have breathing problems almost till the end of pregnancy, when your baby drops down to the pelvis, in preparation for the big moment!  

Ouch! That backache!

This symptom is probably going to stay with you till delivery, and trust us, nobody escapes from this! However you could try wearing flat shoes, avoid bending and lifting heavyweights and wear pregnancy belts for support. Always support your back while and avoid sitting/standing in the same posture for a long time.  

Managing work

It will be a good time to start handing over your work to your team. Get on with the knowledge transfer when you have the energy and avoid troubles later.  

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