30 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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What to do when you’re 30 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 30.

Your Baby in Week 30

Growth in terms of size and weight!

At week 30, your baby does not do much growth in terms of size and weight. He may have added a few extra centimetres to his total height and about 200 grams on his overall weight. As he is continuing to grow inside your uterus, he is naturally taking up a lot of room and due to this the volume of the amniotic fluid is decreasing slowly and steadily.

While he may not have changed too much in his appearance this week, his brain makes up for all the outwardly development he seems to be lacking on. Up until this week, although your baby’s brain was growing and developing at its own sweet pace, the surface of his brain was pretty smooth. However, this week onwards, his brain develops indentations on the surface. These indents called convolutions look like canals and rivulets. These rivulet-like indents help in bringing about an increase in the amount of brain tissues.

Do you remember what lanugo is? It’s the soft hair that is covering your baby’s body. From week 30 onwards, lanugo will slowly start waving your baby’s body goodbye. Nevertheless, you may still see some of the stubborn lanugo on your baby’s back after he is born. Here is some more news. Till week 29, your baby’s spleen was responsible for producing blood cells but week 30 onwards your baby’s bone marrow steps up to the challenge of producing red blood cells.

By this point of time, your baby’s digestive tract has almost completely developed and his kidneys are properly in function. His lungs are continuing to develop but will still take a few more weeks to mature fully.

Week 30 Symptoms

Strong fetal movement

About ten movements in couple of hours is what you should keep in mind. If you don’t feel that many in two hours, try taking some rest. Have a snack or juice and your baby may suddenly become start kicking again!

Bloating & gas problems

As your uterus grows, it puts pressure on your rectum, which can weaken muscle control and lead to uncontrollable passing of gas. Drink a lot of water to stay away from clogging, which irritates the condition.

Swollen feet & ankles

Most of the pregnant women suffer from swelling on feet and ankles. Do take frequent works from your chores and put your feet up whenever you can.


Your body is continually delivering and siphoning more blood with the goal that the infant gets enough supplements. Your circulatory strain and sugar levels are altogether lower in pregnancy. All these combined with hormonal changes and other symptoms such as nausea and exhaustion are considered the main cause of fatigue during pregnancy.

Stretch marks

As your skin is stretching to it’s maximum capability, you are probably seeing pink or red stretch marks all over. Just apply coconut oil or any natural moisturizers and keep a good watch on your weight gain. Rapid weight is a cause for stretch marks.

Your Body in Week 30

Dreaming away!

There is no way in which you could constantly look into your womb to check up on or monitor your baby’s movements and activities but he sure is super active and is doing phenomenally well. We are sure you are gaining some healthy weight as well. Do keep track of it in Mylo for your next doctor appointment.

Itching, stretchmarks and more

Another thing you may have noticed in your seventh month of pregnancy is a very itchy stomach. As the skin on your stomach continues to stretch, paving way for many more stretch marks, it also brings in itchiness. Keep body lotions and body oils handy in order to keep yourself from scratching your body like a baboon the whole time. Many symptoms of pregnancy that appear in the first trimester also come back with a bang in the third trimester. You could see yourself laughing at a silly joke as though it were the funniest and seconds later you would be hating the same joke more than anything. Yes, the mood swings will come back to haunt you. Don’t worry, this shall pass too.

Wow! Shopping again!

This is the time you may want to shop again for your next size of maternity clothes. If you want to stock up on baby clothes or utilities for the hospital bag/nursery, you could give it a try as well. Go for neutral colours if you are confused about what to buy for the nursery. There are certain myths about not buying anything for the baby before birth. Go with your instincts, we say. If you really believe in such myths, you could go to shops with your partner to check out the options and deals/shortlist items on shopping sites. Just click the ‘Buy’ button the moment your little one is out!

Pictures to cherish

Are you planning for a maternity shoot? Even if you don’t have the energy to do a full fledged shoot outdoors, we say, just get out to the park with your partner and click some lovely pictures on your phone/camera. It will be divine to look at these pictures few years down, with your little kid.

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