29 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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What to do when you’re 29 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 29.

Your Baby in Week 29

Growing healthy and putting on weight!

In the third trimester, your baby’s skeleton continues to harden as it now houses 250 milligrams of calcium every day. This means that you ought to keep a thorough check on your calcium intake and make sure body is getting enough of it. Your little soldier has now become 16 inches in size and weighs in at about a kilogram and a half.

As his brain is developing every week, his head is also increasing in size to make room for the growing brain. Along with his brain, all of his organs and the muscles in his body are continually maturing. A few weeks ago, we had spoken about “Brown fat” which was necessary to regulate the temperature in your baby’s body. At week 29, a new kind of fat is now being deposited under the surface of his skin. This new fat is called “white fat”. “White fat” comes from body of the mother. “White fat” provides energy to the growing baby.

A few weeks prior to this, your baby saw the first traces of his canine and incisor teeth sprout up. Week 29 brings more exciting news as the buds of his permanent teeth are starting to form in his gums. This week the vernix caseosa (the petroleum jelly-like substance protecting the skin from the amniotic fluid) will also start to disappear. Nevertheless, you may still see some of it on your baby after he is born.

Here’s how your baby is helping you help him this week. Your baby’s adrenal glands start producing a chemical. This chemical in turn will be turned into estriol by the placenta. Estriol is a form of estrogen. The estriol is perceived to act as a catalyst which stimulates the production of prolactin by your body. Prolactin is what makes you produce milk.

Symptoms of Week 29


If you experience a shooting headache, try and be in a quite and dark room with a cold compress on your forehead or neck. You could also take a quick nap when you feel such headaches. Speak to your doctor and take safe medication if the pain is unbearable.

Varicose veins

All that pressure from your uterus on your legs is the main cause of this. Remember that staying fit will give you some comfort now. Try to eat a high fibre diet and avoid wearing high heels. Put your feet up and relax and keep changing positions if you are sitting or standing for a long time.


Are you becoming a bit too forgetful? Remember that your brain cell volume really is shrinking and your sleepless nights are not helping either. This too shall pass, soon.


Varicose veins can pop up anywhere in your body. The ones in your rectum are called haemorrhoids. Ensure to keep the area clean and wipe with warm water and toilet paper. You could use gentle wet wipes too.


Your growing uterus is pressing against your bowels, leaving a mark on your bowel movements. Do remember to have small meals and drink plenty of water. Don’t sleep soon after eating, go for a walk in stead and then get to bed.

Hair and nail growth

You may notice that your nails are growing more than normal and they are probably softer too. Your hair may be thicker and luscious than usual as well. You may or may not necessarily have focused on these changes but they do happen. The reason remains the same – high production of pregnancy hormones inside your system. You may also notice hair growth on parts where you have never had them! This goes away within few months after giving birth though.

Your Body in Week 29

Tackling the good old symptoms!

Upon reaching their third trimester, most pregnant women tend to get dizzy and lightheaded while lying on their backs and until they change into another comfortable position. This uncomfortable positioning of the body brings about change in the heart rate and blood pressure. This is known as "supine hypotensive syndrome”. Remember the SOS (sleep on side) position while sleeping to avoid such symptoms, and try and stick to your left side.

Revisiting friends

Some of the symptoms which you faced in the initial weeks may come back at this stage, such as heartburn and constipation. We are sure, by now you are a mastero in dealing with these, right? So take out the home remedies book and start dealing with them right away!

Big appetite!

Are you eating for two all the time? Let us gently remind you to eat right and do not indulge in too many treats. Keep some healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, salads, whole-wheat crackers etc. with you when you step out.

Stretch marks !

Did you know stretches are really good for you at this stage of pregnancy? If you are not attending a yoga class meant for pregnant women yet, now is definitely a good time to get started. Stick to simple stretches if you are a beginner. Meanwhile, we hope you are regular with your walking schedule.

Learning to count, all over again!

Have you figured out how to keep track of those kicks yet? It is a good thing to keep a kicks diary to ensure everything is okay inside. Try and do it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night, specially when you are resting. Did you know babies are most likely to kick when the mom is resting? The key is around 10 kicks, including those small flutters, in couple of hours. Remember to alert the doctor if you do not feel at least 10 kicks in quite a while.

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