28 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

What to do when you’re 28 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 28.

Your Baby in Week 28

Hello there, smarty pants!

At week 28, your baby has matured so much so that he can cry actual tears. Yes, your baby now has the ability to produce tears. He is also blinking rapidly as he needs to keep unwanted particles away from his eyes. As you enter the third trimester, your baby as though on cue tries to settle into the birthing position, with his head facing downwards. Your little baby now weighs about one kilogram and is 15 inches’ length-wise.

Although his bones are still very soft, they have almost completely formed. A couple of weeks ago, your baby possessed only one percent of fat in his entire body and at week 28, he proudly boasts about four percent total body fat and his skin appears to be smoother. This week onwards his brain will also significantly increase in weight. Between now to the due date, his brain would have increased by 500%.

His eyebrows and eyelashes continue to grow as well as the hair on his head. He is still breathing in amniotic fluid, quite with ease, one might add. Since his eyes are wide open now, if you were to flash a torch light into your womb, your baby would either squint or look away from the harsh light.

As week 28 rolls in, it makes your little baby a conscious being. The brain is developing steadily and this week activates the thalamocortical complex. The thalamocortical complex brings about consciousness in the baby and is a big leap in the development of the brain. He has about a 100 billion brain cells already. He is already quite the smarty pants, isn’t? In the next few weeks, he will form the neurological network which will help him control everything. Oh, also, your placenta itself weighs about 500 grams by now.

Week 28 Symptoms

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion or that stuffy feeling inside the nostrils is a common symptom during pregnancy. Remember that your body is producing high levels of pregnancy hormones such as estrogen and progesterone which leads to a significant rise in blood flow through all mucous membranes. This in turns results in stuffiness in the nose, and even nosebleeds in some cases. Try saline sprays or nasal strips for some relief.

Bleeding gums

You can also call this symptom “Pregnancy Gingivitis”. Don’t you worry, it only sounds scary but in fact is a very mild form of gum disease. The hormone party in your body, especially progesterone is responsible for this. Due to the changes in your system, your gums are comparatively more inflamed and susceptible to bacteria. All you have to do is maintain a perfect oral hygiene.

Short of breath

Do you feel like you are gasping for air every now and then? As your baby is slowly and gradually growing week after week, your uterus is pushing up against your diaphragm. This is turn leaves very little space for your lungs to expand. If you are facing a difficult time even while normally breathing, then it is time to rush to the doctor.


Your body is suddenly working on overload and it is probably still getting used to all the blood that has been cruising inside. So, it is only natural to feel a little dizzy now and then. Plenty of water is key to take care of this symptom.

Gassy & bloated

Feeling gassy or bloated is a common symptom during pregnancy. You can thank the hormonal changes for this one too. Your digestion is slow now though this is to ensure the nutrients are reaching your baby. Remember that slower digestion also means bloating and gas. So, there you have it! Healthy, small meals at frequent intervals and regular exercise will help you here.

Your Body in Week 28

Getting used to third trimester!

Whoa! You have entered the last stretch of this relay race. Bravo! Your belly has become rather large, right? We are sure you are flaunting the big bump in some lovely clothes! Do check out Mylo Trending section to know all about maternity fashion.

Too simple, yet too difficult?

Your big belly must be posing as a hindrance for you to complete simple tasks like bending down to tie shoelaces (or bending down at all for that matter), getting out of chairs and beds, walking up and down the stairs etc. Wear simple sandals and ballerinas and if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask for it.


Not much would have changed in the way you feel from the last week to this one. The constant trips to the washroom will once again be part of your daily routine. You may find it harder to breathe this week. As your baby continues to grow in size and take up much room in your uterus, his size begins to overcrowd your diaphragm and lungs, hence making it harder for you to breathe. Along with these symptoms, the previous weeks’ symptoms like insomnia, back and leg aches are also relentlessly increasing.

Daily dose of iron

Your baby needs all the iron he can get for the production of red blood cells and so he will rightfully take what is his. Iron, of course, from all the iron-rich food you have been consuming. Iron is extremely important as the human body needs it to make haemoglobin. This helps our red blood cells to store and carry oxygen throughout our body. As your little baby also needs iron, you may feel tired due to anaemia. The main cause of anaemia is an iron-deficiency. Include iron rich food items such as leafy vegetables, lean meat, rajma, cereals, pomegranate and apples in your diet at this stage.


Are you facing issues getting a good night’s sleep? Sleeplessness can make your next day tiring. Even if you are not able to sleep well in the night, take naps during the day, whenever you can and rest well.

Managing work

If you are working and has to travel a lot, you could look at alternative, safe and comfortable ways to travel. Keep a driver or travel to work by a cab in stead of bus, and do request for a work from home option whenever required.

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