Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 13:20

27 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


What to do when you’re 27 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 27.


Your Baby in Week 27

Starry-eyed surprise!

While babies are constantly on the move, practicing for the outside world in different ways and sleeping like there is no tomorrow, they also have bouts of just plain, simple resting periods. When they are resting they are seen to be curled up into the fetal position. By week 27, your baby can most probably recognize your voice along with your partner’s. Your little soldier measures up to 14 inches and a half this week and weighs almost 900 grams. At week 27, your baby’s brain has reached the final stage of development and his brain is starting to show some activity. Last week we had mentioned that your baby’s eyes were finally fluttering open. Week 27 onwards, most babies can open their eyes wide open for the first time ever! This helps the baby figure out the difference between day and night. The other big news comes in the form of dreaming. Yes, your baby now starts dreaming and experiences Rapid Eye Movement (REM), while he is dreaming in his sleep. While the placenta is almost fully developed, your baby is also accumulating a lot of fat under his skin. This fat will help him in insulating against the cold and providing energy once he is born. Although your baby’s heart is still beating at a crazy rate, this week shows a gradual slow down to 130 beats per minute in comparison to the previous 160 beats. As you have reached the last week of your second trimester, you should take a step back and think about just how far your baby has come. He has learnt how to breathe (amniotic fluid though), he is significantly grown and finally has his eyes open too! If you sense some twitching inside your womb, it could be because of two things. He might be actually twitching in his sleep or he could be hiccupping.  

Week 27 Symptoms

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion or that stuffy feeling inside the nostrils is a common symptom during pregnancy. Remember that your body is producing high levels of pregnancy hormones such as estrogen and progesterone which leads to a significant rise in blood flow through all mucous membranes. This in turns results in stuffiness in the nose, and even nosebleeds in some cases. Try saline sprays or nasal strips for some relief.  

Round ligament pain

Again, the growing belly is to be blamed for this symptom as well. All you can do to get some relief is relax and go easy on your chores.  

Protruding navel

Is your navel popping out? Don’t worry, this is what happens around this time. You can just wait for it to go back after delivery. It could be a bit wider than earlier, but treat it as a reward for the tough test called pregnancy and be proud of it!  

Itchy stomach

Your stomach is all stretched now and this leads to some amount of dryness in the skin. Use a natural moisturizer and have a nice oil massage once in a while for some relief.  

Frequent urination

During pregnancy, the body undergoes a series of changes that result in increased blood flow through the kidneys. This in turn causes the bladder to fill up quickly and thus you feel the urge to urinate more often than normal. Empty your bladder every time you go and don’t stop yourself from drinking water to prevent this.  

Lower back pain

What you may be facing is a symptom called Pelvic Girdle Pain. This is an umbrella term for all the pain happening in regions near the pelvic area. You may be in pain as your joints are not moving properly. This in turn strains your other joints and muscles. Try to relax, stretch and take frequent breaks from work.  

Your Body in Week 27

Gearing up for the third trimester!

Yippee! We are approaching the final trimester of pregnancy. The journey may get painful with the coming weeks, but trust us, it will be totally worth the pain! That single moment when you hold your little one in your arms for the first time is enough to make this journey worthwhile.  

RLS and remedies

How are you feeling at week 27 in comparison to the last few weeks? You may be experiencing something called the “Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)” at this stage. What is RLS, you might be wondering! It is like the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which occurred in your palms; but RLS is a tingling feeling that occurs in your legs which makes you want to constantly move them around. Sometimes, your leg may feel so alien, as though it were not your own. RLS is closely associated with an unhealthy diet and an iron deficiency. As you are getting closer to giving birth, the weight of your baby is putting added pressure on your legs and lower back. This may cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. You could try keeping your legs elevated for some relief. While sleeping, try and use a soft pillow for comfort. While at work, remember to put your feet up every now and then. Avoid sitting in one posture for too long.  

Diet and fitness

We hope you are sticking to your diet and fitness plan and not indulging in any cheat-eating. As the weeks progress, it’s very important to have small regular meals rather than large ones at a go. Even though you feel a bit bloated and you are all swollen, do not cut down on your fluid intake. In fact, drinking enough water will sometimes help decrease the swelling.  

Planning for days ahead

This is probably a good time to start thinking about the hospital bag, right? Most of the hospitals have a list of things they expect you to take to hospital at the time of delivery. Get the list from the hospital and start planning. Packing the hospital bag is quite an exciting task for an expectant mom! You might also want to do your research on various types of birth and discuss with your doctor, well in advance.  

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