26 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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What to do when you’re 26 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 26.

Your Baby in Week 26

Blue-eyed beauty!

Before we dive into the basics of your baby’s height and weight, we want to break the biggest news of week 26 to you. Ready? Okay! Your baby’s eyes are finally fluttering open. Woohoo! His fused eyelids are slowly starting to open little by little and by the time the next week rolls around, he will open his eyes completely. However, even if your baby can open his eyes properly from the next week onwards, his vision will still take a few more weeks to develop.

You’d be delighted to know that your baby now weighs in at about 800 grams and is about 14 inches in length. What the medical world calls a “respiratory tree” has now formed in your baby’s lungs. His lungs now have vital blood vessels which help in bringing new airways. At the very end of these new airways, air sacs called alveoli will start to form. These sacs will fill with air as your baby takes his first breaths after he is born.

The last few weeks saw the first traces of his canine teeth and this week brings in incisor teeth also. His taste buds have now fully matured and he can easily practice breathing through his nostrils. By soaking up on your antibodies, your baby is preparing his immune system, gearing up to take on the outside world.

His cochlea and peripheral sensory end organs have also fully developed at this stage. Your baby now has blue coloured eyes. That is impossible, you might be wondering and you might be even more sceptical about how we can say this for sure. All babies have blue eyes in the womb, the genes have nothing to do with the baby’s eyes at this point of time. A baby’s final eye colour will only be determined after he is born.

Up until now, your baby could only sense lights but can now respond to it too. His warnings and hints might be cryptic and rather subtle and you would really have to pay extra attention. If he does not like the brightness too much, he will not hesitate in letting you know with a kick or an increase in his pulse rate. The same applies to harsh sounds and general noise pollution too.

Week 26 Symptoms

Pregnancy brain

Are you a bit too forgetful these days? Well, it’s nothing but your pregnancy brain acting up. Try and write down important ‘things’-to-do’ in your diary or phone. Don’t be stressed about this. This is going to go away, soon.

Bloating & gas

Your growing uterus is putting more and more pressure on your stomach and this may make you feel constantly bloated. Remember to take frequent, small, healthy meals and substitute your snacks with high fibre fruits and juices. Drink as much water as you can.

Round ligament pain

Your growing uterus is basically stretching all parts around your abdomen and this in turn causes the ligament pain. Put your feet up and relax whenever you can. Do not sit or stand in same position for too long. Keep changing positions and you may start feeling better.


Not lady-like anymore? Are you tripping over things more often than usual? Well, you are just heavy and probably stressed too. This clumsiness is going to stay with you for a while, even after delivery. But relax, it will definitely go away one day.


Are you suffering from severe headaches that last for days? Do you see blurred images? Too nauseous as well? Do keep track of these symptoms and let your doctor know. Migraines are a common symptom and can be tackled well.

Your Body in Week 26

Hello there, insomniac!

The second trimester is about to end and we bet you are excited beyond measure about all the changes happening to you. You may see a slight increase in your blood pressure right about now. But that is quite normal. However, there are certain symptoms you should not ignore at this stage. Is your weight gain quite rapid all of a sudden? Too much of a blurry vision and abnormal swelling on your hands and feet? Well, this could be signs of pre-eclampsia. Do let your doctor immediately if you see any of these changes.

Sleep troubles

Another change comes in the form of sleeplessness, or what the world likes to call “pregnancy insomnia”. There is not just one reason for this, there are plenty that you can most probably put a finger on. The leg cramps, vomiting, swelling, big belly, constant need to urinate and to top it all off, the crazy rush of hormones – all contribute to this insomnia.

Braxton Hicks contractions

You may be experiencing contractions around this time which are pretty similar to heavy menstrual cramps. Nothing to worry about them at this stage though. However, if you feel 4-5 contractions every hour, it is a good idea to alert the doctor.

Fun with the baby

By the way, have you started thinking of baby names? We are sure you have a list ready! By now, you must be feeling the kicks pretty hard and strong, and it is a good time to have some fun with the baby. Try playing with the baby by gently touching your belly whenever you feel a kick. It’s going to be fun!


Have you started planning for the days ahead, specially post delivery? Remember, you may become a bit too tired in the third trimester to do the planning, train the new help etc. Get on with such tasks when you have the energy.

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