24 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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What to do when you’re 24 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 24.

Your Baby in Week 24

Breathing like a pro now!

By the 24th week, your little baby has developed unique fingerprints in all his fingers and toes. One can now say that your baby stands out the most in comparison to any other baby in the whole world. Well, it is true! No one else has fingers that are exactly like your little baby’s. Let’s talk about the basic and most important development of your baby at week 24. Your little soldier is now 12 inches in length and weighs at about 500 grams. If you want to have a feel of how heavy your baby is, next time you go grocery shopping just pick up a packet of tea that is about 500 grams and you will know exactly how heavy your baby is.

The hair on his head is starting to see a lot more pigmentation than last week and lanugo is also steadily growing all over his body. His tiny but still shut eyelids are also seeing the first traces of the tiniest and cutest eyelashes.

Along with this, your baby’s lungs have matured to such a state that he can breathe air with air sacs and airway passages; up until this point he was just breathing fluid. The lungs are now forming special cells which in turn will produce surfactant. Surfactant is essential for the air sacs to inflate easily.

They say that babies are most active during weeks 24-28, so do not be alarmed if you feel a drastic increase in movements inside your womb. However, this is not the case for every baby. Some babies just like to chill and leave the exercising for later. So, if at all you have not been noticing extra movement, you have nothing to worry about. Your baby’s daily pattern could be the exact opposite of yours. Maybe when you are fast asleep, he might be disco-dancing inside your womb. Hence, you don’t feel his movements as much.

Week 24 Symptoms

Nail and hair growth

You may notice that your nails are growing more than normal and they are probably softer too. Your hair may be thicker and luscious than usual as well. You may or may not necessarily have noticed these changes but they do happen. The reason remains the same – high production of pregnancy hormones inside your system. You may also notice hair growth on parts where you have never had them! This goes away within few months after giving birth though.

Leg cramps

Another common symptom, leg cramps tend to become worse with every passing week. Try to straighten your leg and slowly flex your ankle and toes up toward your shins multiple times. This may give you some relief.

Swollen feet & ankles

Most of the pregnant women suffer from swelling on feet and ankles. Do take frequent breaks from your chores and put your feet up whenever you can.

Lower abdominal pain

As your uterus continues to grow, the ligaments that support it stretch and this leads to some amount of pain in the lower abdomen. If you see bleeding along with severe cramps, do alert your doctor.


Are you suffering from severe headaches that last for days? Do you see blurred images? Too nauseous as well? Do keep track of these symptoms and let your doctor know. Migraines are a common symptom and can be tackled well.

Your Body in Week 24

Shopping, hairstyle and more!

As you glide into the 24th week, you may be feeling that much change has not occurred since the last week to this one. The next few weeks will be such that your body may not show too many symptoms of change but the symptoms that are already present may tend to aggravate a little more. For instance, last week we spoke about how your palms would feel a tingling sensation on them due the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This week CTS may go that extra mile and make your fingers and wrists turn rigid and numb. Move your wrists and fingers in circular motion to let the blood flow. This will provide you with temporary relief.

Time for a new hairdo?

Another thing you might have noticed is that your hair and nails are continuing to grow faster and rather wonderfully. Be grateful of the hair growth now, as post-delivery, your hair may fall out in large chunks. Cherish that luscious hair and try out a new hairdo, we say!

Get on a shopping spree!

Have you sorted out your wardrobe yet? In few more weeks, you are going to outgrow most of your clothes. Well, this is the perfect excuse to get on a shopping spree, don’t you think so? Get some shoes for yourself too, now that your shoe size is definitely bigger. Do not hesitate to use tummy belts or lowers with belts, specially designed for maternity, to provide extra support to your belly.

Vaginal Discharge

Some women experience vaginal discharge throughout pregnancy. If you find it itchy or extremely foul-smelling, do contact your doctor immediately. Meanwhile, ensure the vaginal area is always dry and clean. Such problems if ignored may lead to urinary tract infections, which are again common in pregnancy.

Anxiety about delivery

Are you constantly thinking about the big day? What is that you are hoping for – natural or a C-section or something else? You may have all chances of a normal, natural delivery if you focus on a healthy, well-balanced diet and a good fitness routine. Remember to focus on your pelvic area and legs while exercising.

Trouble in bed?

You are probably finding it difficult to sleep comfortably, thanks to all the weight gain. Well, it is time to stop sleeping on your back now. SOS – sleep on side, preferably left, is the new position for you. You could also try a soft pregnancy pillow for some relief while sleeping.

Upcoming tests

Are you aware of the tests/scans that are coming up? You may have a glucose tolerance test around 24-28 weeks. It is a good idea for your partner to accompany you for such tests, from now on.

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