Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 13:43

21 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


What to do when you’re 21 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 21.


Your Baby in Week 21

Wow! Was that a somersault?

After the sudden growth spurt your baby went through last week, this week brings the growth back to its previous pace. This week your baby measures about 10-10.5 inches and weighs about 350 grams. Although your baby is growing significantly every single week, he still has room to move about and do as many dance moves as he pleases. If he has learnt how to be a gymnast single-handedly by this time, you really should not be surprised. With all the moving around that he is doing, it is no wonder that he tires out easily too. This in turn is making your baby catch up on tons and tons of sleep, so that come tomorrow, he can move about like a restless baby-monkey again. Yes, by tons and tons, we mean that your baby is catching upon about 14 hours of sleep daily. Your baby now has a set pattern, of staying awake and of sleeping. At week 21, along with his eyebrows, your baby’s eyelids have completely formed too. Since your baby can taste the food you are eating, make sure you are eating every type of food, even the type of food that children generally dislike, such as green leafy vegetables, lentils and soups. Studies have shown that since babies can taste food in the womb, they are more likely to identify and prefer the same tastes after they are born. Your baby’s cartilages are turning into bone and his neurons are connected between his brain and muscles. This is what makes his movements more fluid and purposeful. The hair on his head is starting to get thicker and pigmented as well. Up until now your baby looked mostly pink in appearance, but now as the capillaries are beginning to form, the skin is turning from pink to red.

Week 21 Symptoms


There is a progressive increase in blood volume during pregnancy, from 6-8 week onwards and this continues till 32-34 weeks. Along with raging hormones, increased blood volume gives way to frequent headaches. All you got to do is stay as calm as much as possible and take rest. Try massaging your forehead gently and take naps, if you can during daytime.  


Your growing uterus is putting extra pressure on your lower back right about now and this definitely is the main cause for frequent backaches. Do take rest, stretch when you can and get a gentle massage done when you are exhausted.  

Increased appetite

Super hungry? Well, you must be. Your little soldier is taking up a lot of your energy and this must make you hungry all the time. Remember to not overeat and get carried away! And do exercise regularly.  

Bloating & gas

Do you feel bloated all the time? Gassy as well? Your uterus is putting quite some pressure on your rectum and this causes constipation, bloating and gas. Focus on fibre rich diet, water intake and regular exercise.  

Fetal movement

By now you are probably quite used to the movements. Cherish those gentle kicks and see if you can identify a pattern, just for some fun. Make it a habit to talk and sing to the baby.  

Your Body in Week 21

Not too big, not too small!

You are at the phase of pregnancy where things feel just about right. You are showing but not big enough to feel uncomfortable. We feel like it is safe to say that you are at a pretty snug place of your pregnancy. Our advice is to make the most of this time. However, it is quite common for an expectant mother to feel anxious about the changes that are to happen in the coming months. Do not hold your thoughts in, talk them out with your partner, or friends/family who have already gone through this stage. Always remember that it is a big change for your partner as well. Yes, you are not alone in this journey. Another tip – nothing like a relaxing holiday to take the anxiety and stress off your mind. Time to plan one if you have not already, don’t you think?  

Art work on your body!

Week 21 brings to you loads and loads of modern art in your body in the form of varicose veins. If before this week you only saw veins pop up on your womb and on your breasts, this week the veins go all-out and spread to your legs as well. All that pressure from your uterus on your legs is the main cause of this. You could try some comfortable flat shoes for now. Also, put your feet up, relax and keep changing positions if you are sitting or standing for a long time. Another form of art also makes a comeback in your body in the form of zig-zagging stretch-marks. While there is no way to avoid this, you could try some home remedies which can help you lighten those marks. Cocoa butter and coconut oil are known to be helpful. Remember to keep the area moisturized. Did you also know that if your weight gain is quite rapid, you are more likely to get stretch marks? Remember, a good diet and fitness routine ensures that your pregnancy is pretty smooth and healthy.  

Stay hydrated!

If you are feeling mild headaches now and again, please remember that this is a common symptom caused by either your hormones or by dehydration.  

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