19 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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What to do when you’re 19 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 19.

Your Baby in Week 19

Your baby has a natural skin protection now!

Skin protection? All-natural? Wondering what in the world we are talking about? Here is a simple explanation. By week 19, your baby’s body is covered with something called a Vernix Caseosa. Now, what is the vernix caseosa and what does it do? The vernix caseosa is a layer of greasy, white substance that protects your baby’s skin from wrinkling and pruning up. It is produced by his oil glands and will most likely disappear by the time you give birth.

If there is one thing your baby knows how to do well, it is growing at such a fast pace. Your little soldier has grown to be approximately six inches at week 19 and weighs about 250 grams. Although his tiny and adorable little head has hair sprouting from it already but it will still appear white and pigment free and the color will be determined in the weeks to come. The cartilages continue to harden and this will help your baby in controlling his limbs better. Your baby’s arms and legs are now well in proportion to the rest of his body and his movements are slightly more purposeful. He is probably already practicing some form of fluid dancing inside the womb.

Here’s some more news! You little bundle of joy may have developed a sleeping pattern by now. His eyes are still completely shut but by now those tiny eyes are highly sensitive to light. Your baby’s skin is slowly losing its translucence and has begun to develop the pigment which will eventually establish what their skin tone will be like.

As his body continues to make myelin (the fatty substance that insulated the nerves in his body), he has more control of his actions and movements. Myelin helps in sending electrical impulses from his brain to all the other parts of his body. It is safe to say that your little baby now has as many nerve cells as you do.

Symptoms of Week 19


As your uterus is growing, you may feel that your lower back is under a lot of pressure. Try not to lift anything heavy and avoid sudden movements. Rest your back once in a while.

Leg cramps and  tiring

Here they are again! The much-talked about cramps. Do you feel them more towards evenings? Remember that your leg muscles are probably exhausted of carrying your growing belly all through the day. Put your feet up and just rest when you feel too tired.

Increased appetite and weight gain

You can SERIOUSLY eat: Yes, of course you have had a dreadful few weeks of food aversions but now it is starting to catch up on you again. The fact that you are perpetually hungry is because your baby is speaking out to you. Your growing baby needs all the nourishment and nutrients it can get to grow. Again we would like to remind you to eat healthy food on time and never overdo the eating.

Your Body in Week 19

Gas bubbles or baby kicks!

Do you realise that you are almost half-way through? Well, it is time to celebrate! Keep those symptoms aside, get out of the house and set the streets on fire, we say!

Felt the shifty sensation

But how exactly are you feeling this week? Do you feel that sudden shifty sensation inside your tummy again? It could be gas, yes. It could also be that you are feeling rather bloated. And yes, it could also be that your baby might be moving about like an acrobat and you could probably be dismissing his movements as something else. Pay very close attention to what your body is trying to tell you next time. Did you know that the first moves mostly feel like a flutter in your stomach? Right now, it is something that only you can feel. We say, cherish it to your best!

Talk it out about anxieties

It’s common to go through anxieties when you are pregnant. Remember that whatever you are thinking/eating/doing, has an impact on the baby’s well-being, not to mention your’s too. Do remember to eat right always, for you and your little one. Do not hesitate to discuss your feelings with your partner/friends/family. Getting your thoughts bottled up will not do much good for you and the baby, so let them out!

New substitutions

About now, you may also notice that you have been sweating a lot. Do you also notice that your palms look a bit redder than earlier? Relax, you have nothing to worry about. All these symptoms are due to the increased volume of blood in your body.

Getting back to our party talk, we would suggest you wear some lovely comfortable clothing and a great pair of flat shoes while stepping out. You did see that your shoe size is probably bigger now, right?

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