Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 13:57

17 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


What to do when you’re 17 weeks pregnant? We’ll help you answer all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 17.


Your Baby in Week 17

The lovely, heartbeat you can hear!

You are not the only one putting on weight; your baby is now putting on extra pounds in the form of “Brown fat” (or the adipose tissue) in his body. Let’s say “Hello and Thank You” to brown fat as it is responsible for generating heat in your little one’s body. Your baby will continue to suck on his thumb for a long, long time to come. Wondering why he does so? Well, he’s just practicing for the real world and he wants to make sure he does it right. This sucking practice is for when you will start breastfeeding. He is also practicing how to breathe and in the process he is inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid. Your baby is now about five inches big and weighs about 150 grams. Your baby could easily fit into your palms (but if we were to really place your baby in your palms, he’d probably start sucking at your thumb too!). Even though your baby’s heart is still beating at twice as fast as yours, it has assumed a regular, rhythmic pattern because his heartbeats are now controlled and monitored by his brain. Along with this, your baby’s sweat glands are also developing. Tiny indents have appeared in his chest which marks the first sign of nipples. In the 17th week, all babies start developing mammary glands, irrespective of what sex the baby is. If it is a girl, she will be carrying around six million eggs by now! WOAH! Where does it all even fit? However, by the time it is due date, it will drop down to about one million eggs. Now, let’s bring to light something about your little baby’s nervous system. At week 17, “Myelin” is slowly covering your baby’s spinal cord. Myelin is a white and fatty substance which is important and responsible for speeding up messages that your baby’s brain is conveying to the nerves in his body. But that is not all that myelin does. It also insulates and protects his nerves.  

Symptoms of Week 17


Vivid dreams and feeling anxious

Strange dreams are rather common during pregnancy and can be attributed to many things. It could just be the hormones or it could just be that you are feeling anxious and stressed. The fact that you remember these dreams so vividly is because your body is whirlpool of emotions and feelings all rushing in together.  

Sudden allergies

Since your nasal passage is not as clear as it used to be, you are susceptible to developing allergies with simple things like dust, smoke, pollen fungus etc. This is a common symptom of pregnancy. Try to stay in hygienic surroundings and wear a face mask, if required.  

Increased appetite

You can SERIOUSLY eat: Yes, of course you have had a dreadful few weeks of food aversions but now it is starting to catch up on you again. The fact that you are perpetually hungry is because your baby is speaking out to you. Your growing baby needs all the nourishment and nutrients it can get to grow. Again we would like to remind you to eat healthy food on time and never overdo the eating.  

Snoring and nasal congestion

So, by now you know how “the hormone party inside your body” leads to a stuffed nose and general nasal congestion. Ergo, blocked nose = loads of snoring.  

Your Body in Week 17

Eating right

You just ate food enough for a family only an hour ago and you are feeling hungry again…which has left you wondering if this is normal, even for pregnancy standards. Is everyone around telling you to eat for two? Well, we would like to remind you that you should eat right, healthy and on time. You may have to control your cravings a bit if the weighing scale is moving a tad faster than required.  

Snoring and dreaming?

You might have also noticed that you have developed a wonderful habit – snoring more than your partner does and you are probably loud at it too. Yes, pregnancy does bring out the best in us! We hope you have been sleeping well because every pregnant woman needs and deserves sound sleep and all the rest she can get. But we are also curious about what you are dreaming about, now that you have reached week 17? Are your dreams extremely vivid and rather bizarre as well? If they are, do not worry. Such changes do happen in pregnancy and it is mainly because of all the anxiety that you are going through. Try to stay calm and not be stressed about what is going to happen, okay?  


Week 17 onwards, you might also find yourself constantly sneezing and wheezing even if you have never been allergic to anything ever. Yes, this includes sneezing from mild passive smoking as well. Your immunity goes down during pregnancy and it is important to include food items that help boost immunity at this stage.  

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