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Apr 9th, 2019 14:03

15 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


How do you feel when you’re 15 weeks pregnant? Here are some answer of all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 15.


Your Baby in Week 15

Your baby can taste food!

You know how they say that women love to gossip and generally talk more than men do? Well, if this stereotype is true it could be because female babies start making many more mouth movements as compared to male babies and it starts early on, yes, as early on as week 15. Your baby now weighs about 70 grams and has grown to be about four inches in length. At this juncture of your pregnancy it is important that you keep in mind that henceforth not all babies grow and develop at the same pace. Some grow swiftly while some like to take their own sweet time and ease into it. Do what you gotta do little one! No pressure! Your baby’s primitive air sacs are beginning to properly form in his lungs, thanks to all the amniotic fluid that’s moving through his nose and his upper respiratory tract. His legs are also developing steadily and are now longer than his arms are. In the beginning we spoke about how your baby can taste the food you eat. He might not be able to decipher any taste as yet as his taste buds are just about appearing. In a few weeks’ time he’ll be able to finally taste the heavenly combination of a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. Week 15 can also be considered as a milestone week in terms of you and your baby’s bonding. He can now hear your voice, although, uhm, it’s going to be muffled! What else do you think your baby can do at this point of time? Well, besides what he likes doing best (growing up, that is) he can move about very freely. He’s really just chilling there and practicing his facial expressions, smiling, making faces etc. But, let’s not forget to give him due credit. His skeleton is also turning from cartilage to bones as he continues to absorb calcium. Although your baby’s eyelids will remain shut for many more weeks to come, at week 15 he can now figure out if his surroundings are dark or bright!  

Symptoms of  Week 15


Bleeding gums

Or, you can call this symptom “Pregnancy gingivitis”. Don’t you worry, it only sounds scary but in fact is a very mild form of gum disease. Your gums are comparatively more inflamed and susceptible to bacteria in pregnancy. You know what you have to do now – nothing but focus on oral hygiene.  

Unexpected sensations

What you may be feeling now is also called the “Braxton-Hicks Contractions”. They feel much like a tightening sensation happening in your uterus. These contractions are like practice sessions for your body for giving birth. In some women, they begin as early as second trimester. These unexpected contractions become a regular affair for many in the third trimester.  

Breathing issues

Gasping for air? As your baby is gradually growing, your uterus is pushing up against your diaphragm which in turn leaves very little space for your lungs to expand. It may get worse as your bump grows. If you are facing difficulties even when normally breathing, then it is time to rush to the doctor.  

Your Body seems in Week 15

Wonderful journey continue

Now that most of the symptoms that had left you vexed are slowly waning, you must be feeling a whole lot better and more at ease with yourself and your surroundings. However, you must be feeling that some of the same symptoms from the previous weeks have not left you yet. Are you still feeling a little light-headed now and then? Is your nose still stuffed and occasionally bleeding? Swollen feet? Remember that all these symptoms are completely normal and that you are not alone in this journey. If you need help, by all means, please ask for it. Let your partner and family be a part of this wonderful journey. Maintain a steady exercise routine and keep a check on your diet.  

New experiencing

Along with these persisting symptoms you may be experiencing new ones as well. Are your gums bleeding? Do you feel sudden, unexpected contractions? Do you also feel like you are sometimes short of breath?  

Antenatal tests

Your doctor may suggest antenatal tests for screening birth defects between 15-20 weeks. Do discuss with your doctor about the implications of these tests and get your doubts clarified. Always go by the doctor’s advise when it comes it any tests/scans during pregnancy.  

Want a break?

Have you been waiting for the second trimester to come to plan that much-needed holiday? Well, it is better to discuss with your doctor before you decide your travel plans. Be aware of the safety precautions that you have to take while on a holiday.  

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