Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 14:05

14 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


How do you feel when you’re 14 weeks pregnant? Here are some answers to  all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 14.


Your Baby in Week 14

 Your baby is now making faces!

This week your baby has started to resemble a hairy ape. Joke! Not really! But this is a fact – his body is now covered with “Lanugo”. Lanugo is a very fine, very thin, almost negligible layer of hair on your baby’s body. It will stay on your baby’s body for a good few weeks and only disappear a few weeks before the baby is born. It also helps in regulating the baby’s temperature. Oh, he also has eyebrows now to boast of. In other development news at week 14, your baby now measures up to about three and half inches in length and weighs about 45 grams. Along with producing bile from his liver his thyroid gland has now matured. If your baby is a boy, he now has the makings of what will eventually be a penis and if it is a girl, she now has a clitoris. However, irrespective of what sex your baby is, your baby’s heart is still beating twice as fast as yours. Here is some more exciting news! Your baby’s arms have grown in length so he can freely move them about as he wishes and so has his neck. He no longer needs to keep his head down and look sad and lonely. As the neck is now growing and longer, he can now lift his chin from his tiny little chest. Every kid is going to show some Nakhra (complete with absolutely adorable facial expressions) at one point or the other. Want to know how they do it so effortlessly? Well, they say that practice makes perfect and at week 14 your baby is already making faces inside the uterus. Brain impulses will have your baby squinting, smiling etc. and making random facial expressions too. They grow too fast, right? But hey, that is brilliant news!  

Week 14 Symptoms


Ligaments stretching

The more your belly grows, the more the ligaments stretch, thus the increasing pain. To ease this pain, wear a belly belt that is specially meant for this stage. Do not make any quick or sharp movements. Put your feet up as it helps in reducing the pain.  


It may sound rather odd but the water retention in your body has an impact on vision too. Another reason for all the haziness is because of the changes in your metabolism, hormones and the overall circulation of blood inside.  

Feeling frisky

Hormones are also famously known to be increasing your sex drive. Another reason you are feeling friskier than usual is because of the increased blood flow in your pelvic area. Safe sex and no regrets!  

Forgetfulness- Momnesia

What you may be going through is typically called “Momnesia”. Most people also term it as the “Pregnancy Brain”. So, if you were worried if you were the only one, rest assured that this is very real.  

Nose blockage/bleeds

Your nose still feels blocked and occasionally bleeds. The pregnancy hormones are responsible for making your blood vessels weaker. This, combined with the increased blood flow are mainly the reasons for these symptoms. Just let it pass, will you?  

Your Body in Week 14

Are you feeling a lot better than the previous weeks? We sure hope so. Even if you are not, do not worry, relief is just around the corner. For some, the symptoms persist a bit longer than usual. If you are feeling good, think of what fitness routines you can take up in the second trimester. Anything that is not high impact would be good for you. Discuss with your doctor, before you begin anything new. Now that the nausea is almost settled, you could focus more on your diet and include all that is good for you at this stage.

Announce the big news let the world know

Have you announced the big news to the world yet? Think of some quirky ways to announce the news and have a ball! Ensure your partner shares the responsibility with you.  

The big change!

Now, let’s discuss some of the changes that happen to you at this stage. Lately, have you noticed that your eyesight is a little hazy and if you wear contact lens, they do not fit quite right anymore. Do not be alarmed as this is normal during pregnancy. Are you also forgetful these days and blanking out quite easily? Well, popularly known as ‘pregnancy brain’, it is the perfect excuse for you to get away with almost anything! If anyone dares to question you about the forgotten car keys or shopping bag, just tell them, ‘It is not me! It is my pregnancy brain!  

Staying away from infections and maintain overall hygiene

Despite the healthy food and vitamin supplements you are having regularly, you are quite susceptible to multiple infections during pregnancy. Remember to wash your hands regularly and maintain overall hygiene. Keep those raw salads away while eating out, just to be on the safer side.  

Fitness Corner


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