Pregnancy week by week

Apr 9th, 2019 14:12

12 Weeks Pregnant - Pregnancy Week By Week


How  do you feel  when you’re 12 weeks pregnant? Here are some answers to  all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 12.


Your Baby in Week 12

Yayy! The vital organs are growing!

In the past three weeks, your baby has almost doubled in size and is now slightly bigger than two inches. Along with this, your baby is going through a lot of extremely fundamental developments in this final week of your first trimester. Your baby is looking more and more like an actual human being now. The head to body ratio is more proportionate. At this point of time, the skeleton of your baby is mostly just cartilage and with time it will slowly harden to turn into bones. Your baby’s eyes, which were a little far apart from each other in the previous weeks have now significantly moved closer together and he can also clench his eye muscles. His ears have finally settled into where exactly they should be. In the simplest of terms, your baby has almost all his most important organs in place. While synapses are rapidly forming in your baby’s brain, nerves cells are also multiplying as though they were in a competition to win. Your little baby can also pee now as his kidneys have begun to excrete urine into this bladder. We will tell a gross little fact about your baby and his urine! But that can wait because it will start next week onwards. But, we also feel like nothing that your little soldier does or will do can gross you out because you are already so in love with him and love has an infamous reputation of being blind. Back to development news – His bone marrow is now making tons and tons of white blood cells. His intestines which were slightly protruding into his umbilical cord is now settling back into the abdominal cavity. In this week, there is also an increment in your fetal nerve cells.  

Week 12 Symptoms


Urinating less

Remember your uterus has now shifted base to a front and centre position in your abdomen from the bottom of your pelvic area. Well, this is why you are peeing less frequently. But here is a head up, this is not going away for good. It will come back later so stay prepared.  

Sensing  smell

Are you turning into a wolverine? Well, not really! But your nose is doing wonders with smelling stuff right now. This newly activated sense of smell is your instincts telling you to stay away from the foods that are unhealthy for your baby.  

Changes in skin

Is your face glowing? Or has it become darker with brown patches all over? Are you seeing freckles on your skin? It is best to let them be and not use chemical products to treat these as they are bound to disappear once you deliver.  

Increased blood flow

With all that increased blood flow all over your body, it would seem only natural that you have the occasional nose bleed. Have faith, it does go away with time.  

Your Body in Week 12

Still nauseous? Hang in there!

Wow! Aren’t you excited that your belly is slowly increasing in size? Your uterus has started shifting from the bottom of your pelvic region to a frontal and central position in your abdomen. This week comes bearing good news and relief for you. You will notice that your urge to take those incessant trips to the washroom either to urinate or to vomit has considerably decreased. Not there yet? Well, hang in there and don’t you worry about a thing because sweet, sweet relief is just around the corner.  

Changes aplenty!

However, you may also feel like you have turned into a wolverine overnight as your sense of smell heightens tremendously. There’s something unpleasant that might start happening in this week which concerns the nose again, yes, you may have guessed it already. You may or may not start experiencing bleeding from the nose. This is quite normal and nothing to be worried about. Also, you have seen many pregnant women sporting a thin, vertical line across their bellies. This line of pigmentation is called the linea nigra and it pops up at around the twelfth week. The linea nigra goes away once you have given birth to your beautiful baby. Apart from these, you may feel dizzy every now and then at this stage. Find a place to sit or lie down immediately and keep breathing when you have such dizzy spells. Remember to keep a quick energy boosting snack with you all the time. You may want to get out of those tight-fitting tops/jeans and go for comfy clothing when you step out.  

Vitamin check

Did you know that your baby needs plenty of calcium to grow up fit and fine? We hope your diet includes calcium rich foods such as dark leafy greens, diary products, broccoli, green beans, almonds and low-mercury fish with bones. Do check out Mylo Is It Safe section to know what is safe for you now.  

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