11 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

How  do you feel  when you’re 11 weeks pregnant? Here are some answers to  all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 11.

Your Baby in Week 11

You are able to feel baby’s hiccups or  movements now!

Are you someone who takes great pride in the way your hair looks? Good news for you! You can start thinking about nurturing your baby’s hair now as hair follicles have already started appearing on his head. Thinking of hairstyles already, are you not? Moving on with more developmental news, your baby is quite the yoga/acrobatic enthusiast right now. He is wriggling around and can move around quite freely now.

Along with all the effortless, graceful movements he is making, he may also be doing hiccups at this stage. Note that his diaphragm is developing at this stage, and he may be swallowing fluid, which leads to hiccups. But, you will not be able to feel his hiccups or his movements as your baby is still rather tiny, only about an inch and a half.

No matter how small he is at the moment, rest assured that your baby is constantly growing week by week. Your baby’s head, although still rather large, has now straightened out in proportion to the rest of his body. His bones are hardening inside his miniscule limbs and his hands and feet have now paved way for his fingers and toes. This week also brings in changes in the ears as it appears to have moved closer to where it ultimately should be. That aww-inducing button nose now sports two tiny holes in the form of a nasal passage.

With all the development in his hands and fingers, he may even be able to suck his thumb right this minute! Even at week 11, it is a little difficult to distinguish the sex of your baby. However, if your baby is a girl, her ovaries have formed and if it is a boy, he now has a well-developed scrotum and testes.

Week 11 Symptoms

Raise in temperature of your body

The metabolic activity rate in your body has increased by a significant 20% now and this leads to creating heat inside and raises the temperature of your body. This, combined with the increased flow of blood in your body are the reasons to such feelings. Stay hydrated always, it is very important in pregnancy.

Rapid growth of hair and nails

You may or may not necessarily have noticed these changes but they do happen. Also, this gives us a reason to blame the hormone party happening inside. Remember, pregnancy effects every part of your body in some way.

Flatulence and burping

Yes, you may have to face many embarrassing moments, thanks to these symptoms. However, as unappealing as this may seem, we advise you to let it all out. These are just ways to let out all the pent up gas in your body. Burp away to glory, this is not your fault.

Your Body in Week 11

Exciting times!

You may start to feel that your lower abdomen is starting to protrude a bit, though people around you may not notice it at all. Well, it is time to embrace your motherhood in all its glory and show the world just how happy you are! This might also be an extremely emotional time for you and your partner, as you may finally see your baby on screen, for the very first time! . Have you spoken to your doctor about antenatal classes and their benefits? Now is a good time to get all the information you want and join a class, if you have not already done so. You may also want to speak to your doctor about the upcoming scans and tests.

Stretchmarks and more

This week may also bring to you something that you have been worried about – yes, stretchmarks! Applying coconut oil over your marks regularly helps to decrease and fade it out. You could also speak to your doctor about using Vitamin E-rich creams/oils on your stomach. Do note that stretchmarks fade away with time, with a proper diet and exercise routine after delivery. Apart from this, there are not so many changes that you will feel this week, however, you will start burping like a man who has absolutely no table manners. You may also feel a little warmer than usual about now. You will also start to experience two other things – rapid growth of hair, nails and having bouts of feeling warm and flushed. In the symptoms section below we will briefly talk about why this happens.

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