10 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week By Week

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How  do you feel  when you’re 10 weeks pregnant? Here are some answers to  all your questions about Pregnancy in Week 10.

Your Baby in Week 10

Wow! baby’s organs and tissues are cultivating!

Since your baby has now progressed into the fetus phase from the embryonic phase, it also means that your baby now looks like a real person than a rather tiny looking figure. It is safe to say that the most fundamental stage of your baby’s development is now complete. At week 10, your baby’s organs and tissues are cultivating quite swiftly. Your little one is now a little bigger than an inch and since he is still so small, he can freely move about in your protective amniotic fluid. Nonetheless, let your baby’s humble size not deceive you as the progress he is making this week will astound you.

While in the 9th week his bones had appeared inside his tiny little limbs, this week welcomes bones inside his fingers and toes too. Although his eyes are still shut, his face is starting to look a lot more human-like than the week before. While last week saw your baby grow a tiny little tongue, this week gives way for his permanent tooth buds. This leads us to mentioning that your baby now has a proper jawbone too.

Want more exciting news? Well, we have got plenty. Your baby’s head is now more proportionate to the rest of his body and his wrists and ankles have taken shape too. His arms have grown so much and can bend his arms at the wrist. His fingernails have sprouted up at week 10. If you could look into your womb right now, you would see that your baby now also has very thin hair on his skin.

Some more growth related news is here for you. His liver, kidneys, intestines, brain and lungs are fully formed and functional now. The basic divisions of the brain are now clearly marked out and at one end of the spinal cord, neurons appear. At this stage your baby is able to swallow liquids and produce digestive juices as well. While your baby’s genitals are developing, it is too soon to determine the sex of the baby.

Week 10 Symptoms

Clearly visible veins

Don’t worry, this is nothing to be alarmed about as it goes away on its own sweet time. The increased blood flow is responsible for all the visible veins. Love these visible veins as they are delivering nutrients and blood to your baby.

Ligament pain

The more your belly grows, the more the ligaments stretch, thus the increasing pain. To ease this pain, wear a belly belt that is specially meant for this stage. Do not make any quick or sharp movements. Put your feet up as it helps in reducing the pain.


Your body is working on overload and it is probably still getting used to all the blood that has been cruising inside. So, it is only natural to feel a little dizzy often. If you have a sudden spell of light-headedness, immediately lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Drink healthy liquids and give your body some sugar. Do not hesitate to ask for help, wherever you are.

Your Body in Week 10

Wow! Time to shop for new jeans as growth and development is occurring in your womb!

Since so much change, growth and development is occurring in your womb, you probably think that it is only logical that it shows on the outside in equal measures. However, rarely is that the case. Besides a few changes here and there, you and your body will not see a lot of drastic differences. By week 10, you may have heard the heartbeat of your baby, and that must make you more than elated!

An increased in size ?

Along with the common symptoms like nausea, mood swings and constant fatigue, there are a few new changes that you will notice. By the tenth week, your jeans will seem a little tighter and your breasts will have significantly increased in size too.

When it comes to maternity style. Bathroom breaks How are you progressing in this department? Do you feel constipated often? If yes, now is the time to go easy on white rice/bread/pasta and welcome wholegrain foods into your life. Fibre is what you need the most now, so include as much as you can in your diet.

While at this, let us remind you of the importance of staying fit, once again. Many of these symptoms hesitate to approach you if you are active and fit. So, get on with it!

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